On this page I’ve gathered together a small selection of some of my work, with examples of the following:

  • Content Strategy and Creation
  • Video
  • Interactive/’gamified’ narrative design
  • Web content and architecture
  • Social media
  • Article writing
  • Naming

Content Strategy and Creation

With a background in branding and marketing, I also write copy and develop content and narrative architecture for agencies and businesses across all sectors. These are just some of the strings to my bow:

  • Content and engagement strategy, tactics and creation
  • Client relationship management
  • Creative  team leadership
  • Consultancy on sales processes and pitches
  • Narrative consultancy/storytelling
  • Article writing/journalism 
  • Copywriting

Amazon Fashion

For Amazon’s first physical fashion festival, Destination Denim Berlin, the worlds of online retail and innovation collided in spectacular form. To showcase Amazon’s incredible technology credentials I worked with Make Associates to create ‘Discover your Perfect Pair’ – an interactive fitting room harnessing the power of Amazon Alexa – transforming her into a virtual stylist and personal shopping assistant.

Over the course of a 2-minute styling experience, Alexa helped attendees explore and filter Amazon’s extensive denim collection.

Future Cities Catapult / Big Bang Data

London 2036 was an interactive installation featured in the London Situation Room at the heart of the Big Bang Data exhibition at Somerset House. The exhibition ran from 3rd December 2015 until 20th March 2016.

We started with the question of how do you explain urban data modelling to the general public? We decided that we wanted to take this intangible topic and turn it into a compelling interactive experience, based around a game.

Along with helping people understand data modelling, we wanted to communicate some of the real challenges that cities face. To do this we asked the public to take control of the future of London by answering rapid fire questions based on real decisions that city leaders, planners, and infrastructure providers need to make.

The game was designed to be less straightforward that it seemed, unveiling hidden preferences, teaching people about the complexity of cities and encouraging them to try again to build a different London 2036.

London 2036 was well received and had a high completion rate from those who played the installation.

Taking the form of a retro 1940s-style control room, the London 2036 installation featured three independent consoles containing the game, which was a quick-fire quiz with questions around civic problems, policies and personal preferences.

Upon completion you were presented with how these choices might impact housing, resources and the environmental state of the city in 2036.

Above the consoles hung a large projection screen which featured the aggregated results of everyone’s answers from that day.


Secret Cinema: Blade Runner

For Secret Cinema Presents: Blade Runner The Final Cut, I scripted a series of scene-setting films in the voice of the in-world corporation Utopia, who where developing off-world colonies for the privileged 1% to make their new home as they flee our world dying. The videos needed to strike a balance between ‘corporate-sales-y’ and bleakly dystopian/apocalyptic. The rule of thumb for whether we’d gone too far on Blade Runner content was simply this: if it felt like Total Recall, we’d gone too far.

Mortality and Humanity – ‘impermanence gives life direction’
End times – ‘the time to leave is now’
Evolution – ‘we used to worship gods’
Blackout – actual in-world show content – ‘wake up’

Secret Cinema: Romeo + Juliet

For Baz Luhrmann’s William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, we needed a series of films to set-up the hyper-kinetic world of the film, and to establish some backstory for the feuding families. Deliberately trash-y, these films tapped into a 90s bombast and hyper-kinetic editing style, as one might imagine being broadcast on the TV sets in Luhrmann’s exaggerated world.

Verona Beach, City of Delights
Verona Beach, Behind the Facade
Capulet recruitment, ‘join the family
Montague recruitment, ‘the family business that made Verona fair’

Web content and architecture

Secret Cinema: Blade Runner

Part of the world building for Secret Cinema Presents: Blade Runner The Final Cut involved creating an in-world website for travellers to the off-world colonies. The website is still live here. I worked on the site structure and was responsible for all written content. Below are a few examples of news stories we developed to set the scene for the pre-narrative.

Secret Cinema: Romeo + Juliet

For Baz Luhrmann’s William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet we once again built a pre-narrative website, this time as a faux festival website. The story was that Father Laurence has interceded in the city-wide violence and has organised a summer festival where the feuding Capulets and Montagues can come together in peace at the Truce of Two Houses:

Social media

Secret Cinema: Blade Runner / Romeo + Juliet

All the narrative content outlined above also needed to work across social media. Below are some examples of how it was deployed on Instagram:

Articles / editorial / ghostwriting

I’ve written a number of articles for a range of organisations – just a couple of examples below:

Future Cities/Connected Places Catapult

Written for Tom Leaver, project manager at Future Cities Catapult, this article examined the rationale behind the creation of their City Data Sharing Toolkit, and explores how this is driving a seismic shift in how cities evolve into our data-rich future. The article was published in Public Sector Executive magazine.

Moving Brands

Written for Moving Brands CEO and Founder Ben Wolstenholme, this article was published in Brand Strategy magazine in 2008, a time when Moving Brands were going through a phase of rapid expansion.


On both Blade Runner and Romeo + Juliet, we needed to undertake some naming exercises to lock down in-world ‘things’ – cocktail names, concession stands etc. No wheels were re-invented, but fun was had by all.

Brief anecdote: on Romeo + Juliet, we trod a fine line between nods to Shakespeare, and Airplane!-style parody. One concession stand was going to be selling burritos and nachos. It needed a name. I had an idea. I knew it was too much before I shared it, but damn… it was good:

“To be, or nacho be!”

[mic drop]

Anyway – here’s some stuff:

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